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Valve Condition and Performance Monitoring Enters a New Era


The Solution

The need to continuously monitor and assure that critical valves’ condition and performance is within the required performance standards is met by Score’s integrated V-MAP® system.

V-MAP® G3 is an on-line system that offers continuous, non-invasive valve condition and performance monitoring of critical valves and the process / systems in which they are operating. Performance data is acquired remotely, without the need for personnel to be in attendance to monitor traditional “intervention” type tests. V-MAP® G3 acquires data for every valve operation, including unplanned operations / events, thus building up a history for trending performance, that in some cases may be used in-lieu of a planned intervention test, thereby avoiding the need to interrupt production and suffer losses. Valve and actuator performance trends can then be used to establish a proactive and preventative valve maintenance programme, based on measured in-service valve and actuator condition.

The new and enhanced third generation of the V-MAP® system provides process plant owners, operators, integrity and safety assurance engineers as well as maintenance personnel, actionable evidence and enhanced visibility of any / all developing failure modes in valves and their operators. It covers the Performance Standards for all Safety Critical Elements in Safety Integrated Systems (SIS) : Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDVs), Process Shutdown Valves (PSDVs), High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems Valves (HIPPS), Blow-Down Valves (BDVs) and Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs).

This approach to valve condition and performance monitoring not only maximises productivity, it significantly improves reliability and reduces risks, thanks to its ability to identify developing failure modes and thus minimise the probability of failure on demand.

VMap G3 Solution