Best Available Critical Valve Monitoring Solution Delivering
Maximum Diagnostic Coverage

Valve Condition and Performance Monitoring Enters a New Era


What is V-MAP® G3?

Whilst our existing customers are aware that our flag-ship valve monitoring system V-MAP® has been available in the marketplace for almost a decade already in both its first and second generation formats, they are also aware of our continuous improvement culture. In light of this, they requested an enhanced valve condition monitoring solution for safety and process critical valves with the following features and benefits :-

  • Fully Independent of all Valve and Accessories Manufacturers
  • Widest Possible Diagnostic Coverage
  • Passive and Non-Invasive Monitoring
  • Easier to Install (in both Brownfield and Greenfield Sites)
  • Reduced Weight and Space Requirements
  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • Enhanced Asset Life Cycle Management
  • Setting of Performance Standards for all Safety Critical Elements
  • Maximised Risk Mitigation with Minimised Probability of Failure on Demand
  • Unique and Bespoke System Components, designed and manufactured “from the ground up” to exactly meet asset monitoring needs
  • Easy to Interpret Outputs and Alarms
  • Evidence to Drive Proactive and Predictive Maintenance Models
  • Wireless and Remote Installation Options
VMap G3 Risk