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V-MAP® G3 Features

V-MAP® G3 is a passive, non-intrusive on-line system that continuously monitors the condition of Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDVs) and other critical valves, providing the following features:

  • Issues warning of performance deterioration before unacceptable levels are reached
  • Remote monitoring of all valve operations, eliminating the need for personnel at the valve location during testing
  • V-MAP® G3 allows remote access to its data and analysis functions
  • Provides trending, benchmark comparison, reports, and audit records
  • Provides analysis that will identify maintenance requirements and provide reliability data for confirmation of Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) with the data also contributing to Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) studies that will maximise the plant availability
  • All ESV operations are recorded, whether partial or full, planned or unplanned, PSD or ESD. V-MAP® G3 would not be disabled during an ESD in the way some partial stroke devices are
  • Maximised Risk Mitigation with Minimised Probability of Failure on Demand
  • The V-MAP® G3 system has the capacity to handle the simultaneous operation of all monitored ESVs, e.g. during a full facility ESD
  • Monitors the actuator supply pressure and strain between valve operations to ensure the readings are within their static operational limits and to detect any sensor malfunction
  • Seamlessly integrates with customers’ Site Automation Systems (SAS):
    • Relevant process data which may influence the subsequent analysis. For example, the process piping pressure which affects the forces required to operate a valve, and the differential pressure for leakage quantification
    • The event information from PSD/ESD solenoids and limit switches
    • All types of fluid power actuators can be accommodated. The analysis algorithms would contain the relevant mechanical models and the appropriate constants and factors associated with the actuators’ physical dimensions and characteristics
  • In addition to the data being used to verify SIL requirements are being met, the valve monitoring data will also contribute to Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) studies that will maximise the plant availability