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V-MAP® The System

V-MAP® G3 dedicated sensors are located on the valve, actuator and on the adjacent piping. The sensor types typically selected are:

  • Acoustic Emission leak detection and quantification sensors
  • Strain gauges to monitor the torque or force required by the valve
  • Pressure transmitters to monitor the actuator fluid power requirement
  • Position transmitter to monitor the valve stroke

The V-MAP® G3 sensors are continuously logged by bespoke data acquisition units (MIDAS® DAUs). On detection of a valve operation, the V-MAP® G3 server either directly outputs results in standalone installations, or - in fully integrated installations – it downloads the information from the MIDAS® DAU and typically requests the following input from the installation’s automation databases:

  • Process pressures and temperatures
  • Actuator limit switch and solenoid status and timestamps
  • ESDV event timestamps

Once the server has collected the raw data from the various sources, it is processed in the Score bespoke Signal Processing Unit (MIDAS® SPU) and stored. The following functions can then be performed to transform the data in to information:

  • Manipulation to obtain derived data
  • The derived data is then analysed by use of proprietary V-MAP® software, with algorithms for:
    • Raising of alerts if performance characteristics exceed pre-set alarm or notification levels
    • Comparison and trending with previous readings, benchmarks and design calculations
    • Comparison of sensor outputs to detect sensor drift or malfunction
    • Provision of summary reports
Example Of VMAP G3 Software

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VMAP G3 Valve Condition And Performance Monitoring System

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VMAP G3 Software Outputs

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Example Of VMAP G3 Software
VMAP G3 Valve Condition And Performance Monitoring System
VMAP G3 Software Outputs